A tiny island near Amsterdam. Packed with Angels & Startups. No pitching allowed.

An unconference that wants to break down the last virtual barrier in the startup world.

That's Angel Island.

We want to help the brave and the daring. The ones that have the perseverance, the talent and the ambition to shape the future. It is time for a community-driven festival. Together with community leaders from all over the Netherlands we set out to create a spectacular event that will level the playing-field for startups and investors. Connecting the unconnected and information-enabling startup founders and investors alike. On the 28th of September Angel Island will bring together 400 handpicked guests; a curated group of charismatic, intelligent, purpose driven startup founders, virgin & angel investors, and EU Community leaders. All combined in a spectacular setting.

The number one question I get asked by startup founders is "how to find the right angel"? Crazy enough, angels ask the exact same question. 

Ton van't Noordende, Partner at Keadyn, Initiator Angel Island

The Netherlands has a rapidly evolving startup ecosystem. In 2016, The European Digital Forum (1) awarded The Netherlands the nr. 1 position in Europe as testbed and launchpad for startups & scale-ups. This has been empowered by many different initiatives, for example the Amsterdam Capital Week.

"Amsterdam Capital Week is all about connecting startups and scale-ups to investors. We are very excited that Angel Island is one of our flagship events."

Anouk Bikkel, Program Director Amsterdam Capital Week

Where unicorns used to grow in London, Berlin, Stockholm or Tallinn, now also Amsterdam is on the rise with ventures like Booking, Adyen, Catawiki & JustEat to name a few.

The Netherlands latest strategy is to connect all the individual Dutch startup hubs to a joint brain pool. But unlike San Francisco and Palo Alto, who have the legacy of "the Paypal Mafia", the Netherlands does not have an active angel community.

There are a lot of traditional family-owned businesses that want to diversify and invest in equity at an early stage. However, the problem is that they lack the experience on how to valuate and assess really early stage companies, that don't yet have a proven product-market fit or business model. We believe that the youngest generation of family owned businesses have the potential to break free of their focus to invest for the long term, and start to shift towards becoming angel investors in early stage startups.

Angel Island will break with traditional pitching and investor meetings while having the ambition to connect 250 startup founders to 150 angel and virgin angel investors. In order to ensure the highest-quality event for all participants we are curating the right founders and angels to join us in this unique experience on the 28th of September. Therefore, the access to Angel Island is invite only. If you want to be part of this spectacular event, you can request your invite here.

“I’ll put it this way. Sea fort on a tiny island packed with cool people? Are you KIDDING ME? #awesome!

Dan Taylor, Heisenberg Media
About Angel Island

We're connecting a curated group of charismatic, intelligent, purpose drive startup founders meeting virgin & angel investors in a spectacular setting.

We believe in the entrepreneurs that have the passion and determination, but still need the resources, to make a dent in the universe. In the first edition, we brought them face to face with the Angel Investors that could fund their ventures. In the second year, we brought them together with the European network of influencers that could grow their scope. This year, we will bring a fully customized experience with the purpose of sparkling collaborations amongst the most influential minds.

  • 250 investors – partner level angels & venture capitalists
  • 150 founders – start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns & zebras
  • 100 original thinkers – ecosystem builders, city leaders, media & more